Tips to Earn $10-$20 Daily Taking Surveys

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Best Paid Survey Sites that Pay Cash

If you are looking to make some extra money online then this tutorial is for you. In this tutorial I am going to show the exact method that I use to make extra money online from home by taking online paid surveys. You are not going to become rich by answering online paid surveys but for sure one can earn a few hundred dollars extra each month.

Here is a little math that will show how much you can make from paid surveys?

On an average each survey pay $3-$5. However, sometime you can get paid up to $30-$40 per survey as well.

Now lets assume you take one survey each day with a reward of $3. $3 is not much money but if you complete one survey daily it becomes:

  • $3X30 = $90 a month
  • $90X12 = $1080

This means that you can earn over $1,000 by just completing one survey each day! Do you still think this is not much money?

Now lets assume that you complete 3 survey daily with a total rewards of $10, you will earn $3,650 each year extra.

Now I’ll leave it to you to think what you can do with $3650 extra?? You can have a nice vacation, you can buy some of your wished items, or some much needed items for your household.

You might be wondering now what I need to do to earn this kind of money from surveys?

The answer is simple. Just follow my method that I personally use to make $300-$600 extra each month by answering paid surveys at home.

Step by Step Guide to Make Extra Money Answering Online Surveys:

  1. Create a new Yahoo or Gmail id.
  2. Subscribe to our newsletter, if you have not done already, and confirm your email id. By subscribing to our newsletter you will receive free updates and invitations to join new and highest paying surveys.
  3. Use your newly created email id in step 1 and join below recommended survey panels. All of these survey panels are double opt ins, meaning you have to confirm your email id to get invited to participate in their surveys.
      Opinion Outpost- Anyone 13+ from US, UK and Canada can join.

    Click here to join opinion outpost.

        1. LifePoints Panel- Anyone 14 year old can join.

    Click here to join LifePoints panel

      1. .Harris Poll – Anyone 16+ year old can join.

    Click here to join Harris Poll

        1. .E-Poll – Anyone 13 year old can join.

    Click here to join E-Poll panel.

  4.  Check your email id that you had created in Step 1. You should have received 5 emails, one from each of the above survey panels that you have joined in Step 3. Now open each email and click on the confirmation link to verify your registration.
  5. Create a PayPal account to receive your survey payments. It is free to join PayPal.
  6. Complete your profile with each survey panel and provide valid name, address and PayPal email id created in above step. Do not share your SSN number or credit card number.
  7. You should have received a few surveys by now. If not wait for a few days and check your emails for survey invitations.
  8. Try to answer the surveys as soon as possible. This will greatly improve your chances to qualify.
  9. Once you have completed enough surveys and reached the minimum payment, request/redeem your survey payment and select PayPal as payment method.

If you follow my method, I am sure you will make money taking surveys even if you have failed in the past.

I was also skeptical unless I received my first payment of $50 from global test market back in 2008. Believe it works and the money starts accumulating slowly but surely.

I am sure, once you earn your first $100 from surveys, you will thank me later.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback or just want to say a “hi”, please use the below form to contact us.

Thank you.